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Technical Workshops and Ateliers

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Technical Workshops: $195 USD

Hair Color

Hair Color with Ian Michael Black

From a modest splash to full-throttle hues, hair color is a look-transforming powerhouse. Unlock the secrets of fresh, new hair color palettes and placements in this hands-on workshop with Ian Michael Black, Aveda Artistic Director, Hair Color. You will learn and practice hair color techniques on mannequin heads and leave with special formulation guidelines and tips for creating the most stunning, vibrant hair color.

Hair Color with Natalie Gurley

Boost your balayage skills during this hands-on workshop led by Natalie Gurley. Expand your ability to perform freehand techniques in less time than traditional foil placements—and with more natural results.

Hair Color with Lupe Voss

Join Hair Color Magic master Lupe Voss for a hands-on workshop that explores block color. Learn how to choose the right level and tone, where to place block color and which techniques to use to create different effects.

Hair Cutting

Hair Cutting with Ricardo Dinis

Conformity is out. Personal expression is in. In this hands-on workshop, you’ll work with Ricardo Dinis and learn how to create hair cuts that celebrate your guests’ unique personality and distinctive style and proclaim to the world exactly who they are.

Hair Cutting with Masa Honda

Want to explore the intersection of the latest hair, beauty and fashion trends? Join Masa Honda for a hands-on workshop that will inspire you to interpret the trends in your own way and transform them into editorial looks fit to be seen.

Hair Cutting with Dusty Rhode

Barbering is back in a big way, and men want modern hair cuts that showcase their personality and sense of style. Grow your men’s hair cutting skills during this hands-on workshop led by Dusty Rhode, who will teach you the essential men’s terminology, tools and techniques you need to create hair cuts for the modern man.

Hair Styling

Hair Styling with Sarah Naslund

Become styling empowered with Sarah Naslund, one of Modern Salon’s top 100 social media beauty influencers. Learn how to plan, create, execute and adjust a range of styling techniques to create an individual look best suited for your guest and the event they are attending. From a casual night out with friends to a bridal/red carpet event, Sarah will share the styling techniques that have helped her become an Instagram sensation and how she captures that perfect image for social media.

Hair Styling with Bea Watson

Having a broad understanding of global hair styling trends is vital to staying inspired in this ever-evolving industry. Join Bea Watson, Aveda Global Educator, Hair Styling, for a hands-on workshop that will help you discover new skills and find fresh inspiration. Drawing from her 20 years of hair styling experience, Bea’s skills range from the classic, everyday and work-appropriate to the sophisticated, party and avant-garde. She believes that combining these skills with high-performing Aveda products will continue to push boundaries and create inspiration.


Makeup with Janell Geason

The luminous colors, textures and patterns created by nature are brought to life in Aveda Makeup with a keen, artistic eye. This hands-on workshop with Janell Geason, Aveda Artistic Director, Makeup, will reveal the creative journey that leads to beautiful results while giving you an opportunity to master the looks on models and practice tips and tricks for enhancing every guest’s features.


Atelier with Jon Reyman

Join Jon Reyman for a hair styling look-and-learn during which he’ll demonstrate how to work with the fabric of the hair to create malleable structure and form and craft styles that translate from the runway and red carpet to any special occasion.


Aveda Business College Forum

The salon visit is a necessity, but consumers are showing us that they want beauty on their terms. How will your business adapt and grow with the changes happening in the beauty industry? As we celebrate 40 years of Aveda on the main stage, this forum will explore where our industry is headed. Join us as we break down four key challenges affecting the salon industry and share how you can meet those challenges head-on.